Michael Berkeley: Collaborations
Orchid Classics ORC100321
Release date 14th June 2024

Alice Coote (mezzo)
BBC Singers
Julius Drake (piano)
David Gilmour (guitar and vocals)
Clare Hammond (piano)
Chris Hopkins (piano)
Mahan Esfahani (harpsicord)
Madeleine Mitchell (violin)
Owain Park (conductor)
Robert Plane (clarinet)
Rachel Roberts (viola)
Joshua Ryan (organ)
Neil Tennant (vocals)

Michael Berkeley (b. 1948):

Haiku 1: Birds
Notes on the Loss of a Friend
Haiku 2: Insects
Speaking Silence
The Magnolia Tree – Robert Plane (clarinet), Rachel Roberts (viola) and Chris Hopkins (piano)
Super Flumina Babylonis
Released by Love
Cradle Song
Listen, Listen O My Child
Zero Hour

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